Gary Cuddington is best known for his paintings, rich with saturated color and nostalgic, melancholy themes. His time living in New Jersey during graduate school was used to explore contemporary artwork in New York City. This experience opened his eyes to a world outside of traditional figurative painting. Gary assisted New York artists Peter Krashes, Steve Dibenedetto and Jeff Koons, where he obtained a well rounded look at, and experience in, contemporary studio practices.


After moving to Baltimore in 2009, Gary returned to figurative work, using cinema screen proportions and a theatrical presentation to develop his narrative paintings.  This new work steers away from his glossy, polished Dutch master painting style. Gary creates large variations in detail and color saturation, and allows the viewer to see pencil and raw paper in his finished works, revealing each step of the painting process.


Gary currently works on commissioned portraits and high-end decorative painting projects, and continues to work on figurative narrative paintings. He is also Studio Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Art at Hood College in Frederick, MD.